Risk and liability

Sydney Veteran’s Tennis (SVT) is not an incorporated organisation, or a registered club. It is simply a group of people who hire tennis courts from Lane Cove Tennis Club and play tennis.

We have a committee whose role is to facilitate play by our players. Committee members endeavour to arrange foursomes in such a way as to ensure that players get their fair share of play, and enjoy satisfying competitive tennis. Other players who are not committee members also organise draws from time to time. However, it is up to each individual player to assess the risks and dangers of play, his or her fitness to play, and the suitability of his or her playing partners. Courts may be damp, or slippery, or uneven, or present other risks. We have no control over the state of the courts or the clubhouse, and we give no assurance about their fitness or suitability for use. It is every player’s individual responsibility to make his or her own assessment of whether he or she should go on to play with the other players, and on the court, to which he or she is allocated. Every player plays entirely at his or her own risk.